Based on a well-balanced proposal describing further developments to strengthen their business case, Cyclomics received 50,000 EUR in funding from the European Commission, as part of the SME Instrument phase 1 program. The project proposal was put together in a collaborative effort with Catalyze, an Amsterdam-based Life Sciences consultancy company.

“We are thrilled to receive this grant, as a recognition of our technology and business plan”, says Alessio Marcozzi, principal scientist at Cyclomics and driver of the project. The grant will be used for understanding the market needs and the IP position of Cyclomics, as an essential part towards commercialisation of their CyclomicsSeq TP53 ctDNA mutation detection assay. Currently, the company is testing the assay in the context of a clinical study at the University Medical Center Utrecht, primarily funded by the Oncode Institute. In parallel to successful finalisation of this project, it is essential to develop a plan forward for regulatory approval and market introduction, which is the primary focus of the SMEi project, and will drive further growth of Cyclomics.