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Privacy Policy Cyclomics B.V.

Cyclomics B.V. is a Dutch biotech company performing research and development activities in the fields of genomics, diagnostics and health care. This document explains how our organization uses personal data when visiting our website and when interacting with our organization.

Cyclomics values the privacy of visitors to its website. To analyze the visits, the number of visitors, from which area they are and at what time they visited our website, Google Analytics is used. Cyclomics ensures that visitors’ privacy-impact is limited by setting Google Analytics in privacy-friendly mode. The IP address of visitors is anonymized by masking the last octet of this address. Cyclomics does not share data with third parties, nor uses Google Analytics cookies for other Google services. Cyclomics agreed to the Data Processing Amendment of Google Analytics.

Insofar as the website of Cyclomics contains links to other sites: by using these links, the domain of Cyclomics is left and processing of data by our website is stopped. Cyclomics can therefore never be held responsible or liable for processing by third parties from which a person visits a website through a link on

Cyclomics handles personal information (e.g. provided by customers and collaborators) with great care. Often, when collaborating with third parties or while carrying out research for third parties, ‘general’ personal data are required, including the (full) name, (e-mail) address and telephone number of individuals. The person providing such data to Cyclomics and Cyclomics employees is deemed to have given permission to process it in accordance with Cyclomics’ privacy policy. In concrete terms, this processing means that the data will be stored in our internal data systems, including emails and paper files of the organization. These data will be retained after the completion of an assignment or closure of the file records in accordance with the applicable rules.

Within our organization, numerous measures have been taken to prevent third parties from gaining access to data on the server or to paper information, including use of personal keys and complex and annually renewed passwords to access data servers and storage locations. Data traffic on our servers is monitored on a daily basis. Unexpected data breaches are reported immediately to the local authorities. Please be aware that when communicating with us online (e.g. by e-mail), it is not possible to ensure complete privacy, confidentiality, and security.

Cyclomics does not share personal data (email, phone number, name, etc) from collaborators with third parties, except if explicitly required by the collaborating party. Part of the personal data used by Cyclomics are stored on a company-specific Google Drive, which is only accessible by Cyclomics employees, with access to datafiles being restricted to those employees that require such access in order to perform their professional duties. Storage of data on the Google Drive is subject to the general Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of Google Drive.

Anyone has the right (after prior identification) to ask Cyclomics what personal data it has stored about him or her. If registered data is incorrect, it will be amended upon request.

For more information on data protection and our privacy policy, please contact us at info@admin