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Wigard Kloosterman – Co-Founder & CSO

Wigard Kloosterman holds a PhD in Molecular Biology (2007) from Utrecht University. Until 2019, he was an Associate Professor at the Department of Genetics at the University Medical Center Utrecht, leading a research group in cancer genomics, with particular focus on understanding complex genomic variants and their contribution to cancer phenotypes, such as drug response. He contributed to bringing knowledge from cancer genomics research to the clinic. Furthermore, Dr Kloosterman is a leading expert in genome sequencing technology, including computational analysis, and he has contributed multiple seminal papers in this field. He is at the forefront of implementing third-generation nanopore sequencing technology in research and clinical settings. Besides his role within Cyclomics, Dr. Kloosterman is appointed as CSO of Frame Cancer Therapeutics, an immunotherapy start-up in Amsterdam, aiming for development of personalised cancer vaccines.

Jeroen de Ridder – Co-Founder & CTO

holds a PhD degree in Computer Science (2010) from Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Cancer Institute. He leads a research group of ~12 researchers in the field of bioinformatics for health and disease. More specifically, his lab focuses on creating and applying innovative data science methods to advance the understanding of disease biology. His research efforts are always inspired by a biological question and typically deal with big data, such as large-scale genomics and epigenomics datasets. As a result, much of his research is based on machine learning and data integration algorithms and heavily relies on high-performance computing and statistics.

As of January 2019, Jeroen has also joined the Oncode Institute to further contribute to improving molecular oncology and personalised cancer care.

Alessio Marcozzi – Co-Founder & Director of R&D

holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (2015) from Groningen University. Formerly employed by the University Medical Center Utrecht as a postdoctoral scientist, he worked in the Department of Genetics under the lead of Dr. Kloosterman. Now, he is full-time-appointed Director of R&D at Cyclomics. His current efforts are focused on the R&D and product development of new methods for sequencing-based cancer diagnostics. Other areas of interest and proven expertise are in vitro evolution, genetic engineering, and Python programming.

Dàmi Rebergen – Director of Bioinformatics & IT

Dàmi holds a masters degree in Bioinformatics (2019) from Wageningen University and Reasearch as well as a degree in biotechnology. At Cyclomics he is fully dedicated to professionalize our bioinformatics efforts and supports us with all of our digital needs. Before Cyclomics Dàmi has worked at several Life science companies, including Cambridge Cancer Genomics(currently part of Dante Labs) and BaseClear.

Ana Rita Ferreira – Molecular Biology Scientist

Rita holds a PhD in Medical Microbiology (2022) from the University of Groningen. At Cyclomics, she is fully committed to design and implement novel molecular assays, to help building the company’s portfolio and to perform molecular and genetic assays. Her areas of expertise also include microbiology and immunology.

Rodrigo Meneses – Bioinformatics Scientist

Rodrigo holds a masters degree in Bioinformatics (2019) from Ghent University. At Cyclomics, he is committed to developing and improving our data analysis pipelines. Previously, Rodrigo has worked in medical microbiology research within the University Medical Center Utrecht.

A special thanks to our academic collaborators

Myrthe Jager – UMCU

Clinical Scientist

Roy Straver – UMCU

Bioinformatics Scientist

Martin Elferink – UMCU

Bioinformatics Scientist

Li-Ting Chen – UMCU

PhD student Bioinformatics & Genomics