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CyclomicsSeq manuscript available as preprint

We are happy to announce the publication of our preprint manuscript about CyclomicsSeq on The manuscript describes our technology for capturing, amplifying, and high-accuracy sequencing of short circulating tumor DNA molecules from patients with cancer. We have developed CyclomicsSeq to be compatible with any long-read DNA sequencer and have extensively tested the technology with Oxford Nanopore Flongle, MinION, and GridION systems. The use of the CyclomicsSeq consensus sequencing approach improves the quality of Oxford Nanopore sequencing by 60-fold, enabling the detection of rare mutations in the blood of cancer patients.

We observed that in some cases single-molecule sensitivity can be reached, while routine detection of cancer mutations down to an allele frequency of 1/10.000 is possible. In the manuscript, we highlight the use of CyclomicsSeq for the detection of mutations in the TP53 gene in patients with head and neck cancer. We show that the CyclomicsSeq TP53 assay is useful for monitoring of treatment response and the emergence of recurring head and neck cancer. The CyclomicsSeq technology provides the flexibility to sequence any genomic locus of interest, including hotspot loci or gene panels. Beyond a test for monitoring TP53 mutations in circulating tumor DNA, we are developing novel tests for other cancer genes, as well as a genome-wide approach that allows detection of all cancer mutations in an unbiased manner.

An alpha version of the CyclomicsSeq kit is available for customers. If you are interested to take part in our alpha program, please contact us at