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Cyclomics presents technology at Oxford Nanopore Cancer Research Symposium

Cyclomics’ CSO Wigard Kloosterman presented the CyclomicsSeq technology at the online Cancer Research Symposium organised by Oxford Nanopore Technologies. The recording of the presentation is now available online.

The presentation covers details of the CyclomicsSeq technology, which enables consensus sequencing of DNA fragments using the Oxford Nanopore sequencing instruments. Cyclomics aims at delivering flexible, accurate and cost-efficient solutions for detection of cancer mutations in patient samples. A core focus is on detection of mutations in liquid biopsy (blood) samples from patients with cancer.

Application of a TP53-centric version of CyclomicsSeq technology to liquid biopsy samples from patients with head & neck cancer was shown during the presentation. The CyclomicsSeq workflow provides a tool for repeated measurement of TP53 cancer mutations in blood samples of patients with head & neck cancer. The method thereby aids to potentially improve existing radiological imaging for monitoring treatment response and detection of recurrent disease.

The presentation further highlighted the development of a multi-signal version of CyclomicsSeq technology, covering different classes of cancer genomic alternations. In the long run, such technology could be applied as a routine method for cancer monitoring, including possible application for pre-symptomatic screening for cancer in high-risk individuals.