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Cyclomics co-founder Dr. Jeroen de Ridder publishes paper in Nature

The research group of Jeroen de Ridder, co-founder of Cyclomics and inventor of CyclomicsSeq technology, has published a research article in Nature. The work describes an elegant use of Oxford Nanopore sequencing to classify paediatric brain tumor by means of real-time analysis of methylation hallmarks.

This novel approach enables surgeons to obtain a superfast diagnosis of the tumor, which is required to determine the type of surgery that needs to be performed to remove tumor mass. We are proud of Jeroen and his team for publishing this milestone paper. At Cyclomics, we are extremely motivated to continue developing innovative technologies for rapid and accurate diagnosis of cancer for the benefit of patients.

A link to the paper can be found here…. and a link to an accompanying article in the New York Times can be found here