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Cyclomics mentioned on Nature Methods

30 July 2019 - Cyclomics mentioned in Nature Methods Technology Feature

The high-impact scientific journal Nature Methods has mentioned the Cyclomics founding team and technology in a recent article on Nanopore sequencing. The paper provides a historical overview of developments in Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology. One of the striking features of the Oxford Nanopore MinION instrument is the possibility of real-time and bedside diagnostics. These features are leveraged by the CyclomicsSeq technology, which provides a rapid and cost-effective assay for highly accurate detection of cancer mutations in blood.


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Cyclomics highlighted on GenomeWeb

25 July 2019 - Cyclomics highlighted on GenomeWeb

A recent article on the most read genomics news website, has featured an interview with Cyclomics founders Alessio Marcozzi and Jeroen de Ridder. The news item - which can be read in full on GenomeWeb - provides a comprehensive overview of the CyclomicsSeq technology for detection of cancer mutations in circulating tumor DNA. The article further describes the current Cyclomics company structure as well as the plans towards clinical validation of CyclomicsSeq technology in the context of treatment response monitoring and detection of recurring disease in head and neck cancer patients.


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Clinical Testing Project

Cyclomics at LC 2019

May 2019 - Cyclomics CEO Jeroen de Ridder presents at London Calling Nanopore user meeting.

During the yearly London Calling conference, organised by Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Cyclomics CEO Jeroen de Ridder reported on recent results obtained from their CyclomicsSeq platform. The London Calling conference is a yearly event, that attracts over 600 academic and industrial researchers, who use the Oxford Nanopore sequencing platform for applications ranging from genome research, pathogen detection, plant breeding and genetic diagnostics. Oxford Nanopore invited Cyclomics to present their recent work on clinical use of the CyclomicsSeq blood-based cancer detection platform, during a main stage plenary session.


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SME Instrument grant proposal

Cyclomics gets the SME Instrument grant

March 2019 - Cyclomics receives the SME Instrument grant from the European Commission.

Based on a well-balanced proposal describing further developments to strengthen their business case, Cyclomics received 50,000 EUR in funding from the European Commission, as part of the SME Instruments phase 1 program. The project proposal was put together in a collaborative effort with Catalyze, an Amsterdam-based Life Sciences consultancy company....


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Clinical Testing Project

Funds for clinical testing

October 2018 - Cyclomics obtains funding from the Oncode Institute for clinical testing of their technology.

In a combined effort, Cyclomics in collaboration with the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, will test their circulating tumor DNA sequencing technology for recurrence detection and treatment response monitoring in patients with advanced stage head and neck cancer. More than 90% of patient with HPV-negative head and neck cancer contain mutations in the TP53 gene. Cyclomics developed an highly-accurate assay to detect TP53 mutation in single ctDNA molecules....


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Cyclomics obtains the Take-Off grant

June 2018 - Cyclomics obtains Take Off grant from the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research.

Cyclomics and the University Medical Center Utrecht obtained 50.000 EUR in funding for further technical development and evaluation of their highly accurate mutation detection technology, which is based on proprietary DNA concatemerization technology and novel bioinformatics algorithms for mutation detection...


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Venture Challenge 2017 - Winning Team

Cyclomics wins the Venture Challenge

November 2017 - Following a successful Health Holland Venture Challenge coaching program, involving the preparation of a business plan and a slide deck, Cyclomics participated into a pitch contest in front of a jury consisting of seasoned biotech entrepreneurs and experts. After a long deliberation of the jury, the winners were announced two weeks later at the Dutch Life Sciences conference at the Pivot Park in Oss. The combination of an excellent business plan and a crystal clear pitch and discussion session led to the unanimous decision of the jury to declare Cyclomics as the winners of the Health Holland Venture Challenge fall 2017, thereby winning a prize of 25.000 EUR. The Cyclomics team participating in the Venture Challenge program consisted of founders Alessio Marcozzi, Jeroen de Ridder and Wigard Kloosterman, each working at the University Medical Center Utrecht, and Genoveva Heldens from the Utrecht University Tech Transfer Office...


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